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Quickly access the direct websites of hosts and hotels using the Directo Chrome extension. Save money, get better deals!

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Get Better Deals with no extra effort

You know the hack to getting the best deal on your vacation rental is booking directly through the company's website.

We take it a step further. Easily get direct access to the best prices, while browsing your go-to sites.

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Download now, use later!

The extension only works when you look for accommodations. Save it until your next adventure. Click to Download the extension

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Download now, use later!

The extension only works when you look for accommodations. Save it until your next adventure. Click to Download the extension

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Benefits of Booking Directly

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Better deals

Access exclusive deals that may not be available through third-party platforms. Say Goodbye to Middleman Fees!

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Priority in booking

Receive priority treatment in the event of overbooking, guaranteeing you a confirmed reservation. No more lost reservations on arrival!

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Direct contact

Makes it easy to request changes to your reservation or address specific needs. Tailor your reservation to perfection!

Save time with Directo!

Say goodbye to the hassle of opening 20 browser tabs to find the right website!
Visit your favorite vacation rental sites and find the properties match with Directo.

Get Directo, get a shortcut to save you valuable time and effort. It's free!

Are you a Property Manager or a Hotel?

Find out how Directo can help you get more direct traffic everyday.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Chrome Extension?

A Chrome browser extension is a small software program that adds new features to the Chrome web browser. When you install an extension, it typically adds a new button or icon to the Chrome toolbar or menu. Clicking on that button will activate the extension and allow it to perform the task it intends to do.

Where can I download the Directo Chrome Extension?

You can download the Directo Chrome extension in the Google Chrome Store.

How does the Directo Chrome Extension work?

The Directo Chrome Extension is a tool that helps you find the direct webpage of a hotel or vacation rental that you're interested in, without having to search for it on Google. Here's how it works:
1. Install the Directo Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store
2. Go to a site like Airbnb, Booking, Vrbo, Expedia or Abritel and perform your search for hotels or vacation rentals as you normally would.
3. When the extension finds a match for the property you're looking at, you'll see a Directo logo on the picture of the listing. Not every property will have a match.
4. Click on the Directo logo to display information about the property and get sent to the direct website.
5. Once you're on the direct website, you can find the same property you were looking at and see if there's a better deal available. So essentially, the Directo Chrome Extension saves you time by automatically searching for the direct webpage of a property you're interested in, and allows you to get a better deal.

Is Directo extension FREE?

All features of the Directo Chrome extension are entirely free. You can download on Google Chrome Store.

Is it safe to use Directo extension?

Yes, Directo extension is safe to use! The extension only works on travel sites.

Disclaimer: Please exercise caution when accessing the external links provided in the extension>>

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What is a Chrome or Browser Extension?
A browser or Chrome Extension is a small software program that enhances the functionality of the web browser. It allows users to customize and

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What is book direct?
"Book direct" refers to the process of making a reservation or booking directly with a hotel, vacation rental, or accommodation provider, bypassing

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