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Jun 19, 2024

Recommended Months to go to Idaho for an Unforgettable Trip

Uncover the Perfect Time for Your Idaho Trip Based on your preferences

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The Best Time to Visit Idaho: A Season by Season Guide

Are you contemplating a trip to the picturesque and outdoor haven of Idaho? As you firm up your plans, one significant question to address is: What is the ideal time to visit Idaho? Each season in Idaho offers a unique adventure. In this guide, we'll delve into the highlights of visiting Idaho at different times of the year to empower you in making an informed decision.

Best vs Worst Weather to Visit Idaho

Best Weather: The best weather to visit Idaho is from late May to early October, the perfect time for outdoor activities as the weather is warm, sunny, and dry.

Worst Weather: The winter months from November to March can be frigid with heavy snowfall, whilst April and May can see wet and chilly weather. This time of year might be less or more appealing depending on your interest in winter activities.

Cheapest Time to go to Idaho vs. Most Expensive Time to travel to Idaho

Cheapest Time to Visit: The most affordable time to visit Idaho falls during the late autumn and winter season, between November and March, outside of the peak ski resort seasons.

Most Expensive Time to Visit: Accommodation costs peak during summer (June to August) when the weather is warm and school vacations are underway. Expect higher prices also during the ski resort high seasons around December to early March.

Average hotel prices:

  • Winter: $65-$90 per night
  • Summer: $120-$180 per night

Busiest Time to see Idaho vs. Least Busy Time to Visit Idaho

Busiest Time to Visit: The busiest time in Idaho is during the summer months from June till August, when the weather is perfect for outdoor exploration, and the state's many adventure parks and natural attractions witness large influxes of tourists.

Least Busy Time to Visit: The least crowded times in Idaho are in the latter part of autumn and early spring (late October to early May), once summer tourists have departed and before the snow sports enthusiasts arrive.

Special Events Worth Seeing in Idaho

Idaho hosts many notable events and festivals:

Recommended time of year to go to Idaho

  • High Season: June to August
  • Shoulder Season: April to May and September to October
  • Low Season: November to March

High Season in Idaho (June to August)

Weather: The high season in Idaho is characterised by warm sunny days and cooler evenings with temperatures typically ranging from 75°F to 95°F. Rain is infrequent, and humidity is low.

Events: Many festivals, including local county fairs, occur during these summer months.

Things to Do: It's an excellent time for outdoor adventures like hiking, river rafting, and camping.

Prices: It's the busiest season, so expect higher prices for accommodation and popular attractions.

Shoulder Season in Idaho (April to May and September to October)

Weather: The weather is milder with temperatures ranging from 50°F to 70°F, providing comfortable conditions for various activities.

Events: Idaho hosts events like the fall's Trailing of the Sheep Festival and various spring garden events.

Things to Do: Enjoy the state's scenic beauty and wildlife as you explore the many hiking trails, state parks, and hot springs.

Prices: Moderate, with some excellent deals available on flights and accommodation.

Low Season in Idaho (November to March)

Weather: Winter in Idaho is typified by temperatures that can dip as low as 20°F, punctuated by heavy snowfall, especially in the state's higher elevations.

Events: Winter sports events dominate this season, and the city lights festival in Coeur d'Alene is a major draw.

Things to Do: It's the perfect time for snowsports such as skiing and snowboarding at one of Idaho's many ski resorts.

Prices: Accommodation and travel can be quite affordable, barring the peak ski resort seasons.

Conclusion Regarding the Perfect Time to Travel to Idaho

For Outdoor and Adventure Travelers: Late spring to early fall (May to October) is the best time to explore Idaho's outdoors, considering the pleasant weather and recreational opportunities.

For Budget Travelers: Late autumn and early spring present opportunities for cost-effective travel, with the exception of high ski resort seasons.

For a Balanced Experience: Consider traveling during the shoulder seasons of April to May and September to October. You can enjoy pleasant weather, lesser crowds, and a variety of things to do.

In essence, the best time to visit Idaho depends upon your preferences, interests, and the activities you wish to undertake. Idaho, with its diverse offerings, welcomes travelers year-round.

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