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Feb 6, 2024

How red flags to look out for when booking a vacation rental

In this article, we give you some tips on how to prevent scams when booking a vacation rental and what to do if your accommodations is a scam.

how red flags to look out for when booking a vacation rental

2 key things you can do to avoid scams:

1. Read reviews carefully

It's crucial for consumers to dig deeper than just the rating and read the actual reviews.

'It's very important to read the actual reviews and not just rely on the overall rating,' warns Marina Guastavino, CEO of Directo, a Chrome extension for getting better deals by booking accomodations directly.

“Travelers need to be vigilant and look out for red flags such as fake reviews, particularly if multiple reviews echo the same phrases, there are many cancelled stays or multiple negative reviews talking about things not being like they seemed in the listing or a change of address.”

2. Research the Host

"If something feels off, it’s worth it to take the time to conduct a bit of research on the host to ensure they are a trustworthy entity," advises says Marina Guastavino, CEO of Directo, a Chrome extension that looks for the direct website of travel accommodations while potential guests browse third-party sites.

She recommends examining the host's profile for verification indicators, thoroughly reviewing the host's profile, and ensuring the presence of verification elements such as ID or contact information. Additionally, she suggests leveraging online tools like the Directo Chrome extension or a simple Google search to validate the host's online presence and confirm their status as a reputable business.

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No, we aren’t talking about budget hotels or shared hostels here. We want you to get the same quality and comfort, but for less. How? Usually by booking directly with the hotel or the vacational rental you could get a better deal, whether it is a lower price or a free upgrade and extra amenities.
That’s why we built Directo, a browser extension that looks for the direct website of hosts and hotels while you browse your favorite travel websites. With Directo, you can search for the type of accommodation you want and then easily access the direct booking website to finish your booking, bypassing costly third-party fees and saving you money.

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